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Half of what I say is meaningless...

...but I say it so that the other half may reach you.

Commander Schnogg
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I am a recent graduate of DePauw University in Greencastle, IN, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Which means I'm a bullshitter. Currently, I'm managing a general assembly race in Southern Indiana, which you'd think I'd be excited about. But I'm not. As I see it, I'm a political scientist, not a politician. Hopefully, I'll be in grad school next fall, hopefully close enough to remain involved with my chapter of Sigma Nu.

'I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, and to the principles for which it stands: life, liberty, equality, and justice for all people.'

"To believe in the Life of Love,
To walk in in the Way of Honor,
To serve in the Light of Truth:
This is the Life, the Way, and the Light of Sigma Nu,
This is the creed of our fraternity."

GG/J d-- s-:- a-- C++ U? P L E? W++ N o? K? w+ O? M+ V? PS++ PE- Y+ PGP- t+ 5 X- R tv b+ DI++ D G e++ h r- y-
42, absurdity, aclu, activism, adult swim, american gods, antonin dvorak, aqua teen hunger force, arrested development, awesome sauce, beck, cat stevens, ccr, cheese, civil liberties, civil rights, classical music, college democrats, common, corelli, creedence clearwater revival, decemberists, democrats, depauw, discordianism, douglas adams, environmentalists, eric idle, family guy, five iron frenzy, flogging molly, franz ferdinand, frisky dingo, futurama, german, germany, good beer, gorillaz, graham chapman, green day, greencastle, greens, guinness, hanging out, harry potter, hercules and love affair, higher education, hippies, hot chip, indianapolis, invader zim, ireland, irish music, jazz, john cleese, jon stewart, kanye west, kevin smith, lcd soundsystem, led zeppelin, lewis black, liberals, lord of the rings, lupe fiasco, m83, marvin's, mel brooks, michael palin, mixed drinks, monon, monty python, movies, mst3k, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, neil gaiman, neko case, nerds, new pornographers, oddities, of montreal, ok go, our lady peace, pants, peace, penny arcade, physics, poking badgers with spoons, political science, politics, pvp, queen, radiohead, ralph nader, randomness, reel big fish, rhymefest, sandman, sarcasm, science fiction, scissor sisters, sealab 2021, secular humanism, sf, sigma nu, sinfest, ska, snu, socialism, south park, space, spoon, stephen colbert, streetlight manifesto, sufjan stevens, technology, terry gilliam, terry jones, the chieftains, the colbert report, the daily show, the decemberists, the graveyard book, the onion, the postal service, the sea and cake, the simpsons, the stars, the white stripes, tolkien, tom petty, tori amos, trivia, tv on the radio, unitarian universalists, unitarianism, unitarians, universalism, universalists, violin, vivaldi, vodka, weezer, wilco, wine, world domination, your mom


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